Cruz Goes After Media “Silliness”

by Betsy Woodruff

On a conference call today with a number of reporters and bloggers, Senator Ted Cruz sharply criticized the media’s treatment of his 21-hour speech earlier this week.

“A great deal of the coverage has tended to focus on the personalities and the politics and the back-and-forth, this person versus that person,” he said. “In my view, all of that is silliness and is designed by those who want to keep Obamacare funded as a distraction — is deliberately designed, because as long as people are talking about the personalities and the politics, they’re not talking about the substance.”

“There are a lot of people that want the American people confused about the vote tomorrow,” he said.

He also suggested that Republicans who vote for cloture on the CR tomorrow — and there should be a lot — will try to convince their constituents that they’re voting against Obamacare.

“And that claim is simply not true,” he said. “If a ‘yes’ vote on cloture tomorrow was a vote against Obamacare, then why will Harry Reid and every single Democrat vote ‘yes’?”

Cruz also said he thinks tomorrow’s cloture vote will be the most important vote any of his Senate colleagues cast this year.

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