Perry: Cruz’s Defunding Plan ‘Nonsensical’

by Patrick Brennan

Texas governor Rick Perry, not one to shy away from a conservative fight, isn’t throwing his Stetson in with Texas senator Ted Cruz. In an interview with ABC News this week, Perry said of the strategy to defund Obamacare, “I don’t think it’s a good option. . . .  The idea that you got to defund government over one program is a bit nonsensical.”

He wasn’t eager to criticize Cruz too aggressively, though, refusing to say his strategy was wrong per se, and recommending a more positive course of action instead: “I hope they’re working to try to find the solutions to fixing this and working with both sides of the aisle. We do it every day in states.”

Perry argued “there’s still time for Congress to go in and fix” the president’s health-care law and suggested states should be allowed the flexibility to introduce reforms such as health savings accounts that might ameliorate the effects of the law.

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