by John J. Miller

Former White House speechwriter Jon Favreau messed up his Obamacare facts at a forum at George Washington University this week. Katherine Rodriguez of The College Fix has the story:

WASHINGTON D.C. - President Barack Obama’s former speechwriter channeled Obama’s rhetorical tactics recently when he told a roomful of college students that people who know the least about the Affordable Care Act oppose it the most. …

Favreau cited a Pew Research Poll when he said that people who know the most about the Affordable Care Act and the provisions within it would like it more, while people who know the least about the law oppose it the most. …

The Pew poll in question, however, tells a different story.

PewResearchCenter released a poll this month that said disapproval on President Obama’s health care law has reached a new high, but it does not say that it is because people do not understand the law. …

Fifty-five percent of Americans who say they are most likely to disapprove of the law are also the ones who know the most about it, according to Gallup. The poll also said that one-in-three young Americans from age 18-34 are least familiar with but most optimistic about the law.


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