‘While You Were Sleeping . . .’

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

This Sunday morning brings with it angry abortion-industry activist groups. Can we please stop pretending the debate over whether or not religious employers and others with moral objections to some of the services (including abortion-inducing drug coverage . . .) the Obama administration considers mandatory “preventative services” is about contraception access and women’s rights? John Boehner did not try to roll back birth-control access last night. The House voted to delay the coercive effects of a mandate that would, for instance, hurt these women come January:

Should the Little Sisters of the Poor have to roll back their service to the elderly on account of a mandate that they provide abortion-pill coverage to their employees?

That’s a question that prompted the conscience language from the House, in last’s night’s Marsha Blackburn amendment. (Read the text at the link.)

And as for businesses involved (what groups like EMILY’s List are “outraged” over this morning), we could all afford to learn a bit from these people: the Green family that runs Hobby Lobby. Watch this as a Sunday exercise in the truth, lower- and upper-case:

Give thanks there are Americans who realize how precious and fragile — and fundamental — religious liberty is. While you were sleeping, the House stood with the Green family and the Little Sisters of the Poor. While you were sleeping, the House made a conservative (in the non-ideological sense), limited defense of religious liberty. While you were sleeping, the House tried to be decent stewards.

Will Harry Reid be inspired?

Meanwhile, happy Sunday.

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