Pedaling for charity

by Shannen W. Coffin

On October 19, I’ll be endeavoring to survive a 100-km bike ride through the hills of Maryland and Virginia to raise money as part of Best Buddies D.C. Challenge. Best Buddies is a terrific charity that provides job opportunities and fellowship for people with Down Syndrome and similar serious intellectual disabilities. I will be riding in honor of some extended family members and friends affected by the condition. But I will also be honoring those tens of thousands of Down Syndrome victims that were not given a chance. Estimates are elusive in this area but some studies have suggested that 85 percent of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted, with some estimates running as high as 92 percent. But what are those parents giving up on? They’re giving up on amazing people like Teddy Kramer, the honorary bat boy for the Cincinnati Reds who has provided a serious bolt of energy to the team and the town in their drive to the MLB playoffs this year. I’ll be riding to help people like Teddy — who almost invariably enrich the lives of others just by a few minutes of their company. Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation in support of my ride for Best Buddies. You can do so at this link. And thank you all in advance. National Review readers have been very generous in supporting ventures like these in the past.