Senate Democrats Reject Obamacare Delay, Medical-Device-Tax Repeal

by Katrina Trinko

In a party-line vote, the Senate tabled the amendments to the continuing resolution added by the House that would have delayed Obamacare by one year and would have repealed the law’s medical-device tax.

While there has been bipartisan support for the repeal of the medical-device tax, all 54 Senate Democrats, including those up for reelection in red states next year, voted to table the amendments.

Senator Roy Blunt, a member of Senate GOP leadership, expressed concern over the potential for Republicans to be blamed for the shutdown looming at midnight tonight, made more likely by the Senate’s rejection of this House plan.

“If Republicans don’t get most of the blame for this shutdown, it will be the only time the opposition party to the president didn’t get blame for shutdown,” Blunt says.

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