White House: Obama Would Veto Any More CRs That Don’t Fund Entire Government

by Katrina Trinko

President Barack Obama has no intention of allowing Congress to avert some of the worst parts of the shutdown by passing smaller continuing resolutions that would target specific programs, as Senator Ted Cruz proposed yesterday.From Politico:

President Obama would veto any piecemeal bill funding only parts of the federal government and not resolving the whole government shutdown, the White House said Tuesday. . . .

“These piecemeal efforts are not serious, and they are no way to run a government,” [White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage] said. “If House Republicans are legitimately concerned about the impacts of a shutdown — which extend across government from our small businesses to women, children and seniors — they should do their job and pass a clean CR to reopen the government.”

Senate majority leader Harry Reid also announced his opposition to any small CRs on the floor this afternoon, saying that Cruz’s proposal was a “wacky idea.”



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