Cruz Apologizes to Veterans for ‘Bataan Death March’ Comment

by Andrew Johnson

Ted Cruz apologized to Filipino veterans for referring to the Bataan Death March, a forced march of American and Filipino prisoners of war by Japanese soliders during World War II, during his 21-hour marathon speech last week. Thousands died during the march before the prisoners reached their final destination.

Cruz made the remark towards the end of his speech. “I don’t want to miss the opportunity within the limited amount of time — it is imperative that I do — which is to thank the men and women who have endured this, this Bataan Death March,” Cruz said on the floor last week.

On Tuesday, Cruz apologized to two Filipino veterans in a YouTube video. “Let me say to each of you: I apologize for causing offense,” he told them. “I should not have said what I did.”

Cruz’s willingness to apologize for an inappropriate comparison comes after a week in which Obama-administration officials and congressional Democrats repeatedly compared Republican members of Congress to terrorists, suicide bombers, arsonists, and the Taliban.

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