Rand Paul: Democrats ‘Don’t Want to Appear to Be Negotiating’

by Alec Torres

In an interview with Greta van Susteren Wednesday night, Senator Rand Paul said that while he is trying to reach across the aisles in the shutdown debate, Democrats “don’t want to appear to be negotiating.”

Paul invited Democrat and Republican members of Congress to a coffee gathering he hosted this morning in order to talk about the shutdown and find common ground. “We would get more done if we had a little more interaction between the two of us,” Paul said.

But when Greta asked if Paul at least got a “maybe” from any Democrats to join him for coffee, Paul said “some, but a few have said that they don’t want to appear to be negotiating, and I think that’s a problem because the thing is I want to =appear to be negotiating because that is really what the American people want us to do.”


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