The Doctors in the Night-Time

by Michael Walsh

Is there some reason why the RNC or some real conservative organization hasn’t got TV spots up all over this great land of ours, featuring interviews with doctors who are planning to retire or simply go out of business thanks to Obamacare? If the tables were turned, you can bet the Democrats and their media buddies would be carpet-bombing the airwaves and the interwebs with heart-rending and blood-curdling tales of the imminent collapse of the American medical system as told by the physicians themselves. But no — they’re too busy congratulating themselves on the collapse of the Hillary hagiographies that, it turns out, the Clintons didn’t even want. But here we are, well into the shutdown, and unless I’ve missed something, once again the GOP is letting a prime propaganda effort slip away, leaving the field to things like this. Lack of leadership, both political and cultural, is going to cost the conservative movement dearly. 

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