Lanny Davis: Obama ‘Has Better Things to Worry About’ than Redskins

by Andrew Johnson

Former Clinton adviser and Washington Redskins attorney Lanny Davis fired back at President Obama’s comments that the team should consider changing its name. Davis said the president had “better things to worry about” in the midst of the government shutdown and upcoming debt-limit deadline.

Davis referred to both a 2004 Annenberg poll of exclusively American Indians that found 90 percent do not find the “Redskins” name offensive, as well as a recent AP-GfK poll that found 80 percent of Americans don’t believe the name should be changed. Davis explained that the president’s own standard that the team should change the name if “a sizeable group” is offended isn’t met according to the polls, and called on him to renege on his comments.

“He’s unaware of the data — he’s expressing an opinion,” he said on Fox & Friends on Monday morning. “If he knew about the data, I’m looking forward to him saying, ‘You know, now that I know from Lanny Davis about the data, I favor the Washington Redskins because there is not a sizable group, by my own criteria.’”

Davis raised the question why President Obama hasn’t brought up the issue of American Indian sports team names as it pertains to his hometown Chicago Blackhawks, who recently won the Stanley Cup.

On Friday, President Obama told the Associated Press that if he owned the team, he would “think about changing [the name].”

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