Oregon, Minnesota Exchanges Continue to Suffer Technical Setbacks

by Sterling Beard

Cover Oregon, the Beaver State’s health-insurance exchange, was still unable to enroll applicants in coverage as of Monday, six days after it’d opened.

The site can’t determine whether or not people are eligible to receive tax credits to reduce the price they’ll pay for insurance, making it impossible to sell policies. Roughly 1,300 people have submitted paper applications instead.

Meanwhile Minnesota’s exchange, MNSure, is suffering from an intermittent glitch that can prevent users from creating accounts; the glitch actually came out of a fix the administrators had applied to a previous problem. For security reasons, MNSure only allows users eight tries at creating an account , after which they must wait 24 hours before trying again. The site is not available 24 hours a day and plans to keep it open around the clock are being put off for the time being.

As of Monday, MNSure had seen 6,000 accounts created, 163 of which were created by employers.

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