Top 30 ‘Fails’ from Obamacare’s First Week

by Andrew Johnson

Over on the homepage, I listed 30 examples of the Obamacare exchange websites falling short of what the White House and Democrats were hoping for in the first week. From Connecticut to Hawaii and on both a federal- and state-level, users have run into a series of glitches and malfunctions of the online marketplaces that have prevented several Americans from even taking some of the initial steps, let alone enrolling in a new plan.

In Maryland, for example, less than 100 residents enrolled in a new plan on the day it launched. A week later, the number still isn’t one to get too excited about. According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, only 326 Marylanders have enrolled in new coverage and officials are still dealing with issues on the website.

Check out all 30 here.

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