Christie: If New Jersey Voters Legalize Same-Sex Marriage, I Will ‘Support’ and ‘Enforce’ Law

by Katrina Trinko

New Jersey governor Chris Christie affirmed again today that he felt the decision whether to legalize same-sex marriage in his state should be up to the voters, not the politicians, but stressed that he would “support” and “enforce” a law legalizing same-sex marriage if it won on the ballot. 

“I believe that the institution of marriage for two thousand years is between a man and a woman and if we’re going to change that core definition of marriage, I don’t think that should be decided by 121 politicians in Trenton or seven judges on the Supreme Court,” Christie said during his debate tonight with Democratic opponent Barbara Buono. “It should be decided by the 8.8 million people of New Jersey.”

“If they do decide to change the definition of marriage by referendum,” Christie continued, “then I will support that law and enforce that part of the constitution with the same vigor that I’ve done over the last four years with every other part.”

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