Defaming the Cold Warriors

by Conrad Black

From my most recent NRO article, on some recent Cold War revisionism: 

[Vladimir] Bukovsky and [Pavel] Stroilov charge that the “consensus about the Cold War,” i.e. that it was carried out seriously with the objective of containing and defeating Soviet Communism without a general war, was “false and corrupt”: “It is a product of the great cover-up. It was the same consensus who first denied the facts about the Soviet crimes and Western complicity . . . that there was no famine in the Soviet Union . . . that Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg were innocent.”

No, [Diana] West and gentlemen, it is not. On other days and other subjects, I am sure that Mrs. West and Mr. Bukovsky, and probably Mr. Stroilov, will write sensibly, but they haven’t done so here.

Whether you agree or disagree, your comments are, as always, most welcome.



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