Ohio School District Agrees to Keep Portrait of Jesus Off Property, Pay $95K in Damages

by Sterling Beard

A southern Ohio school district has agreed to keep a portrait of Jesus Christ off its property and pay $95,000 in damages and legal fees after settling a lawsuit with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The portrait had hung for decades in both the district’s middle school and the high school’s “Hall of Honor” display, which is meant to highlight famous historical figures. The groups sued the school district in Jackson, Ohio, citing “unconstitutional” behavior and arguing that visitors and students at the school would “continue to suffer permanent, severe and irreparable harm and injury,” if the portrait were not removed. 

According to WSAZ, the portrait was donated by a student group. It was removed in April, and the district reached an agreement with the groups late last week after deciding to pay the fine rather than fight the suit. 

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