Krauthammer’s Take: Allies Wondering, ‘Can We Count on the Americans’ for Anything?

by NRO Staff

The Obama administration’s recent decisions in the Middle East have shocked and disturbed our Middle Eastern allies, Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday night.

During Special Report, Krauthammer declared that “the Gulf Arabs are in a panic,” andcriticized the administration’s mishandling of the Syrian chemical-weapons situation, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and especially the bungling way it cut aid to Egypt, where the military had stood up to Islamists.

“We are now cutting aid in a way [that] simply does not take into account the perception the United States is now appeasing our enemies . . . and not understanding the effect it’s having on our allies,” he said. “If you’re an ally of the United States now, you’re wondering, ‘can we count on anything the Americans are going to do?’”

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