N.H. Elementary School Bans Tag

by Sterling Beard

An elementary school in Nashua, N.H., has banned the game of tag during recess.

In a letter dated October 4, principal Patricia Beaulieu of the Charlotte Avenue Elementary School wrote to parents to inform them of the school’s safety policies. While Beaulieu conceded that tag “seems innocent enough,” she warned that “the force with which students ‘tag’ varies greatly.” The school has a “no contact” policy during recess, which the game violated.

Beaulieu told the Nashua Telegraph that a series of tag-related injuries — including concussions, a broken wrist, and other injuries — caused her to write the letter, which was posted on the school’s website and Facebook group. She says she went into fifth-grade lunch at one point and asked them to raise their hands if they had ever been pushed aggressively while playing tag.

“Most of them raised their hands,” Beaulieu said.

Games such as basketball, soccer, and equipment such as jump ropes are still allowed.

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