Rand Paul on Aid to Muslim Countries: ‘Tax Dollars Should Never Be Spent to Prop Up War on Christianity’

by Katrina Trinko

Senator Rand Paul spoke up on behalf of persecuted Christians in the Middle East today, and warned Americans that their tax dollars could be aiding those who seek to persecute Christians.

“We are now arming Islamic rebels who are allied with al-Qaeda,” Paul warned attendees at the Values Voters Summit.

“Tax dollars,” he said pointedly, “should never be spent to prop up war on Christianity.”

Paul talked earnestly about the persecution of Christians in various Middle Eastern countries. Acknowledging the many moderate Muslims, he observed, “It’s going to require Islam to police Islam.” And speaking about Islam’s history, Paul remarked, ”At one time they prized inquiry over the heads of infidels.”

’”We were right to go to war after 9/11,” Paul said. But, he continued, “Going into Syria could possibly enable al-Qaeda.”


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