No Man Is an Island (or Something)

by Jay Nordlinger

Trinks, the words you quoted from Mike Lee reminded me of something George W. Bush said earlier this year. He said it in front of President Obama. And he was answering, I believe, Obama’s tales about us conservatives: that we’re a bunch of dog-eat-dog Darwinians, caring for nothing but the Holy Self. (Sorry about the “Holy” part — that may have violated the First Amendment, according to the Wise Latina & Friends.)

The occasion was the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. Five presidents were there: Carter, 41, Clinton, W., and O. For my report on this day, published in a May NR, go here. Bush said, “Independence from the state does not mean isolation from each other. A free society thrives when neighbors help neighbors, and the strong protect the weak, and public policies promote private compassion.”

Nice goin’, W.

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