Pa. Mom Forced to Choose: Obamacare or Food For Her Family

by Alec Torres

Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Most says she now has to choose between putting food on the table for her family and paying for the health-care coverage she’s mandated to buy, the price of which just jumped 420 percent.

According to a report by Pennsylvania’s WFMZ, Most said that she’d planned to sign up for subsidized insurance under Obamacare, since both she and her husband are disabled and on a fixed income, and her five-year-old child also has medical problems. Then she saw the price: $947.63 a month, $765 more than what she paid before the Affordable Care Act.

“It would take food out of our mouths to be able to afford these coverages,” Most said.

In the months and years leading up to the passage of heath-care reform, President Obama and others promised time and again that people’s premiums would decrease. “If you already have health insurance, the only thing that will change for you under this plan is the amount of money you will spend on premiums,” Obama said, repeatedly promising that that amount would be lower.

In the segment, the law’s “navigators” argue there are some success stories, saying “several people are saving hundreds by going with the government plan.”

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