Boxer: GOP ‘Bashed the Head of America’

by Alec Torres

Senator Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) took to the floor of the Senate Monday afternoon to share her opinion on the government shutdown. She likened it to a situation in which you’re optimistically walking down the street on a beautiful day, and then:

Suddenly you take a stone from the ground and bash your head in. Honest to God, that’s what they’ve done, these Republicans. They’ve bashed the head of America on a beautiful day, when we’re coming out of a recession, when we know we have our problems, but we also know we can solve them. It doesn’t make sense.

Not satisfied with using this image just once, Boxer went on to say that there was another stone in America’s pocket called “default” and “just as you’re beginning maybe to see the light of day, you hit yourself again.”

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