Krauthammer’s Take: Potential Deal Would be Defeat for GOP

by NRO Staff

The potential framework that has emerged to end the government shut down and raise the debt ceiling would be a major loss for the GOP, Charles Krauthammer said Monday night.

“[The proposed deal] can work, and it would be a big defeat for the Republicans,” Krauthammer said.

Speaking during his appearance on Special Report, Krauthammer charged that Republicans would be trading away the sequester for “a few curlicues on Obamacare, which will have no effect on… the law itself.”

Instead, Krauthammer said that Republicans should pass a clean, six-week extension of the debt ceiling and a clean continuing resolution to fund the government for a year. This would give Republicans a month-and-a-half long window to negotiate a Paul Ryan-type plan with the White House, and automatic budget cuts from the sequester would kick in next year.

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