Let’s Roll . . . Some Orange Cones Across The Entrance

by Mark Steyn

On September 11 2001, America’s big bloated money-no-object bureaucracy and its obsolete brain-dead 1970s hijacking procedures utterly failed the people of this country. Nevertheless, on Flight 93 brave freeborn citizens acted as an ad hoc militia and did the job their government had proved incapable of doing.

So naturally, twelve years later, the punitive bozo bureaucrats of the National Park Service have “closed down” the field in which they died.

In Arizona a few days ago, I spoke to a chap who said the NPS rangers at the World War II memorial had treated the trespassing veterans “with respect.” But it’s more a question of self-respect, isn’t it? What kind of fellow – even a federal bureaucrat — is such a dead husk of a human being that he complies with the order to close the mass grave of better men than he will ever be?

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