Ryan Lizza Is Right

by Charles C. W. Cooke

On Twitter, the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza is picking up on what I think is an important point – and being savaged from the Left for it, naturally:

It is possible that, having lost the fight over the continuing resolution and failed to delay or to defund Obamacare, conservatives will watch in amazement as the president is forced to do just that on his own. This would, of course, be completely illegal. But it may well happen. Not only will the president be unwilling to watch as the “glitches” persist and threaten the Democratic party’s chances of keeping the senate in 2014, but he will presumably be unwilling to watch passively as an insufficient number of young people sign up to subsidize those with pre-existing conditions and cause his signature law to fold into what has been termed the “death spiral.”

Critics immediately complained to Lizza that he was engaging in “false equivalence.” But I think he understands the importance of this technocratic enterprise’s going well better than do many who support it:

This is to say that if you are going to sell people technocracy, you had better make sure that it works. Think what you will about unified and harsh Republican opposition to the law, but it is going to look pretty appealing to the American public if it does turn out to be the disaster that opponents have predicted. As Lizza, noted, somewhat wryly one suspects, there is no benefit to be found in pretending that the rollout hasn’t been a disaster.

I’m going with “dreamers.” And dreaming, as we have learned in the last fortnight, gets you precisely nowhere.

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