Boehner: House Won’t Block Senate Plan

by Andrew Stiles

House Speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) announced Wednesday that House leadership will not prevent the Senate-brokered budget deal from coming to the floor for a vote, where it is likely to pass with primarily Democratic votes.

“The House has fought with everything it has to convince the president of the United States to engage in bipartisan negotiations aimed at addressing our country’s debt and providing fairness for the American people under ObamaCare,” Boehner said in a statement. “That fight will continue. But blocking the bipartisan agreement reached today by the members of the Senate will not be a tactic for us.”

Blocking the Senate plan would not only risk defaulting on the national debt, Boehner argued, but would also potentially provide an opportunity for Democrats to raise taxes and undo the sequestration spending cuts. In the meantime, Republicans would continues its efforts to roll back Obamacare.

“Our drive to stop the train wreck that is the president’s health care law will continue,” he said. “We will rely on aggressive oversight that highlights the law’s massive flaws and smart, targeted strikes that split the legislative coalition the president has relied upon to force his health care law on the American people.”

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