Cruz: ‘The Fight Against Obamacare Must Continue’

by Andrew Stiles

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) vowed to continue the fight against Obamacare on Wednesday, blasting the soon-to-be resolved budget debate as an example of “Washington’s indifference to the plight of the American people.” 

While the House “deserves to commended” for its efforts, Cruz lamented that the Senate ”has taken the traditional approach of protecting the status quo,” and failed to make significant changes to the unpopular health-care law. “The deal made in Washington today provides no help to those who are scrambling to figure out how to afford insuring themselves and their families, or who are unable to get full-time work because of Obamacare,” Cruz said in a statement. ”Washington decided to ignore their pain and suffering.”

“The fight against Obamacare must continue in the face of Washington’s apathy,” he said.

Read the full statement here.

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