GOP Rep: House Members Told They Can Leave Town Tomorrow

by Betsy Woodruff

Republican congressmen have been told they can make arrangements to travel home tomorrow, one GOP representative tells National Review Online, because House Republican leadership is very confident they have the votes to pass the Senate’s compromise tonight. The member wasn’t happy with the outcome, though, adding that tonight’s vote will be a “white flag of surrender.” 

An aide says the vote will likely happen around 9 p.m.; after that, he says, expect many members to breathe a collective sigh of relief. 

“There are a lot of very hardcore conservatives that are concerned with winning that thought that this was the wrong fight in the first place,” the aide says. “There are a number of top conservatives in the House — and I’m not referring to the screen set that likes to just do things for press, I’m talking about the people that actually like to do things — they didn’t like that this was the battle that some folks decided to fight.”

“They were happy to participate when it came around and they needed to do it,” he continues, “but now that this thing is coming around to an end, they’re glad it’s ending because it’s distracted so much from what the real effort was.” 

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