re: Why Be Horrified?

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Kevin, you won’t be surprised that some in the media have found reporting on this dead child challenging. CBS originally talked about the “fetus” the Daily News story you linked to describes, then changed the headline to “baby.” 

CBS and AP both tweeted about the “fetus.”

Whether it’s ideology or discomfort, we’ve got to face reality, as Mollie Hemingway points out

I shared Kirsten Power’s distress that the Gosnell case did not wake us up. Many looked away. We can’t afford to. We’re drowning in our addiction to euphemism

Read that Gosnell e-book one Pennsylvania reporter wrote after interviewing Gosnell in jail. He can’t be dismissed as a monster, an anomaly, a case with no real connection to our culture, to our words, practices, and politics. He’s our monster. Kevin’s absolutely right that New Yorkers are horrified by a baby in a bag. And they are outraged when they realize how high abortion rates are in the city and state. But then we tend to move on, look away, use euphemisms because it all seems like too much to ever find a solution to. Meanwhile, children die and mothers and fathers walk around in pain and regret, anger and sorrow. We’re a culture of death, violence, indifference, and denial when we tolerate this. And it’s inhumane. Again, not only to the dead baby but all those affected by the decision that a woman often doesn’t even feel she has a choice in. 

Meanwhile, this poor woman who must have been dealing with desperation and denial. We contribute when we pretend life isn’t life and death isn’t death. When we don’t acknowledge mourning — just this week was the little noticed Pregnancy Loss and Infant Remembrance Day – and make abortion look unthinkable, we contribute to this poisonous culture. 

As Kevin — the author of The End Is Near, too!! — rightly notes: We still do know better. Will we do better? We should support folks in New York who help

UPDATE: The baby may have been born alive

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