Everyone’s an Inmate

by Mark Steyn

At an exhibition in the East End of London, a work by the pseudonymous artist Ego Leonard shows a map of German concentration camps and superimposed thereon three Lego-figure victims in camp uniforms: a Jew, a gay, and a Muslim.

Aside from a few Bosnian resistance members detained in the Croatian camp, actual Muslims were so conspicuous by their absence in European concentration camps that Jews felt free to use the term “Muselmann” to describe a particular strain of fatalistic lethargy among Jewish prisoners

Real Muslims fought bravely as soldiers in Britain’s Indian Army, the King’s African Rifles, etc – although, if I recall correctly, the Somaliland Camel Corps was prone to mutinies. But, notwithstanding that, it would be hard to think of a group less likely to wind up in German civilian camps. Au contraire, the Grand Mufti enthusiastically signed up Muslims eager to volunteer to hustle more Jews into the camps.

So what’s Mr Leonard trying to convey? Aside, that is, from the pathological urge in Britain and elsewhere to rewrite history in order to accommodate Muslim sensitivies… 

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