The Parade’s Still Going By

by Michael Walsh

Another one bites the dust: 

Former Washington Post writer Laura Blumenfeld on Monday became the latest in a long list of journalists who have joined the Obama administration when she took up an appointment in the State Department’s Middle East office. A speaker of Arabic and Hebrew, Blumenfeld will now be in charge of strategic communications in the State Department’s office handling negotiations for Secretary of State John Kerry’s Middle East Peace Process…

Ah yes, the famous “peace process,” whose manifest purpose is process, not peace. With both halves of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government incapable of understanding that a long-lasting peace can only follow total victory and unconditional surrender, neither of which is currently on offer in the Middle East, this “process” will continue to guarantee lifetime employment and millions of air miles on both sides of the aisle for decades to come. 

But enough about sinecures; back to “journalists” who can’t wait to rip off the mask of objectivity and leap aboard the carny wagons:

With her move, Blumenfeld becomes at least the 16th journalist to join the Obama administration, following shortly after Richard Stengel left his post as managing editor of Time Magazine to become the Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

Other prominent journalists who have joined Team Obama include White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, formerly of Time, Kerry senior advisor Glen Johnson, who came from the Boston Globe, the State Department’s new assistant secretary for legislative affairs Douglas Frantz, who used to be a national security editor for The Washington Post, and Shailagh Murray, the former Post and Wall Street Journal scribe who is now the communications director for Vice President Joe Biden.

Now, it’s certainly true, as my lefty buddies are quick to point out, that moving from covering the circus to cleaning up after the elephants has a proud Permanent Bipartisan Fusion pedigree, but the balance is absurdly tilted to the sinister side. Still, no one should be surprised. As I’ve explained before, when idealistic Boomers like me were young, there were basically two career choices open to those who wanted to change the world; becoming a lawyer (with an eye on politics), or becoming a journalist — which was a lot easier, since you didn’t need a law degree or, indeed, any sort of degree at all – and that grand tradition has continued unto the generations. 

The Obama administration may be making an unforced error, however, since most of these journalists were probably more useful to it in their former positions, where they could promote its agenda in helpful and less obvious ways by reinforcing the Narrative at every opportunity; now, they’re just a bunch of obvious flacks for hire. But, hey, they’re working, which is more than many of their former comrades-in-arms can say. Just ask them.

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