More Popular than Obamacare

by Richard Brookhiser

Gallup, considered to be one of the top polling firms in the United States, has determined that Americans’ support for legalizing marijuana has reached 58%, growing ten points since their most recent poll on the question in 2012 and demonstrating clear majority support for ending marijuana prohibition.

“The passage of adult-use marijuana initiatives in Colorado and Washington has demonstrated widespread disillusion with marijuana prohibition,” notes Aaron Smith, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. . . .

“One simply needs to look to history to see that prohibition of a popular substance leads to a rise in organized crime and introduces otherwise law-abiding adults to criminal elements,” Smith continued. “But in a regulated and secure marijuana industry, there is only room for responsible businesses and entrepreneurs with the highest standards for safety, quality, and accountability. Now, it’s time for Congress to act on this clear public mandate by taking action to end the failed experiment of federal marijuana prohibition.”

(h/t National Cannabis Industry Association)

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