Flip Jon Stewart

by Mona Charen

Chris Cillizza, a faithful Obamaite at the Washington Post, is concerned about the lacerating satire comedian/news maven Jon Stewart has directed Obama’s way about Obamacare’s rollout. Headline: “How Jon Stewart Became Obama’s Biggest Problem.” Stewart has a huge audience among the 18-29 cohort, and if Stewart is disillusioned, then it’s bad news for the Big Guy.

Cillizza is ready with suggestions: Obama should appear on the program, as he has done six times before.

I have a suggestion too. Conservatives should try to flip Stewart. You may scoff, but 1) it’s more realistic than James A. Baker III’s idea a few years back to “flip Syria,” and 2) Stewart is a very smart guy who just obviously has never been exposed to free market ideas. He has said explicitly that he favors a single payer system.

So here’s my suggestion: Some wealthy conservative donor should endow a weekend getaway for Jon Stewart at his favorite resort, all expenses paid, where he would be treated to seminars from the likes of Yuval Levin, James C. Capretta, and Tom Miller.

If it fails, it’s only a lost weekend. But it shows confidence in our ideas, and, who knows, Stewart might be open-minded.


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