UPDATE: ATR Policy Director Apologizes for Calling Tea Party ‘Freaking Retarded’

by Andrew Johnson

Americans for Tax Reform’s tax-policy director, Ryan Ellis, didn’t mince his words when he called tea-party activists “freaking retarded” in a tweet on Wednesday night:

Ellis took issue with “defunders” because he claimed that they had convinced members of the Tea Party that a government shutdown would have defunded Obamacare. Earlier in the evening, he also called Ted Cruz “a despicable man who lies to good people.”

Ellis brushed off initial backlash to the comments.

The Madison Project PAC, a grassroots network of conservatives, criticized Ellis for his comments, saying it reflected “what’s wrong with the K Street Republicans in Washington, DC.”

“Instead of fighting for hard-working families that struggle every day to make ends meet, they choose to attack them,” the group’s political director said in a statement. The Madison Project has called on Americans for Tax Reform to apologize.

UPDATE: Ellis apologized for his previous tweet, saying that he should not have chosen the word “retarded”:

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