Gregory: Rollout Raises Questions if Obamacare ‘Too Big’ to Administer

by Andrew Johnson

The bungled launch of Obamacare’s federal exchanges may be confirming Republicans’ various warnings about the health-care laws, says Meet the Press host David Gregory. He also said that Obamacare’s “caricature of incompetence” thus far may doom the law if the administration doesn’t address the problems soon.

Because of the website’s issues, Gregory said, the Obama administration may also miss out on the window to enroll younger people, who are crucial to the law’s success. “The question I think you’ll see more and more going into next year is, ‘Is this too big, too complicated for the federal government to administer?’” he said on Morning Joe on Friday.

Later, Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, quipped that President Obama had perhaps spent too much time at Harvard Law School rather than Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. At the Kennedy School, Haas said, the president might have learned that the execution is the most important part of any program.

“The idea that something this big would be so poorly prepared is quite stunning,” Haas said.

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