Krauthammer: Obama’s Legacy ‘Hangs in the Balance’ over Obamacare

by NRO Staff

President Obama wants to be “historically consequential” for liberalism in the way Ronald Reagan was for conservatism, Charles Krauthammer opined on Morning Joe on Tuesday morning. “Obama has always seen himself — and it is remarkable because he did this as an outsider, somebody who really had a long shot at the White House — as world historical, as a figure who would change that trajectory, end the 30-year conservative ascendency ushered in by Reagan and begin a new liberal ascendency,” he said.

“The irony is his signature achievement, Obamacare, is the test of this new liberalism and today it hangs in the balance of a website or a promise here and there, so there’s a kind of practical reality check on his ambitions,” he added.

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