Iowa Man Who Lost Plan: New Options Don’t ‘Come Anywhere Near’ Old One

by Andrew Johnson

Terry Jones of Fort Dodge, Iowa, lost his current health-care plan owing to new Obamacare regulations and is now having difficulty finding a new, affordable one. Jones explained that a new plan that cost the same as his old one “does not come anywhere near” providing the same coverage, though is raising more questions than it answers about the specifics of its plans.

“I mean, you can’t find out deductibles, co-pay, do they cover the prescriptions right away, or is that part of the deductible,” he told WHO-DT.

Additionally, a reporter with the news station called ten local organizations listed on as organizations that can help users navigate the website. None knew they were even listed and, ultimately, could not provide any assistance.

Despite the president’s assurances that no one is more upset than him about the health-care law’s rocky rollout, Jones is skeptical. “Mr. President, come up here — there’s a lot of people more upset than you,” he said.

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