RNC Takes the Fight to Jon Stewart with Anti-Obamacare Daily Show Ad

by John Fund

In the fight over public opinion on Obamacare, young voters are a big prize. If too few young people sign up for insurance, Obamacare is an economic and fiscal failure. If too many young people become furious at having to pay higher premiums because Obamacare subsidizes older folks, Democrats will be on the run in the 2014 elections.

The most popular source of “news” and commentary for young people is Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central. That’s why it’s been devastating for the Obama White House to watch Jon Stewart launch witheringly sarcastic attacks on Obamacare. On Monday night, Stewart scolded President Obama for apparently not knowing about Obamacare’s glitches until after the site launched. “You’d think Obama would be in the loop about a program that’s named after him,” he added. “But in his defense, there appear to be very few loops he is in.” (He then segued into an item about how Obama supposedly didn’t know his National Security Agency was spying on  German Chancellor Angela Merkel.)

The Republican National Committee has noticed Stewart’s influence and is running a youth-oriented ad against Obamacare during The Daily Show Tuesday night. The ad, part of a series by the RNC, mimics a popular Apple Computers campaign that contrasted Apple’s cool qualities with the clunkier competition. The first one is called “Down,” and features a clean-cut young man.

“Hello, I’m the private sector,” he says.

“And I’m Obamacare,” says an overweight older man lying on the floor. “I’m just down for a little maintenance.”

“I don’t understand,” the younger man responds. “I work all the time. 24-7. Customers depend on it.”

The “Obamacare” man retorts, “Hey, look, before you know it, we’ll be just like the DMV.”

Watch the ad and the three others at obamacare.gop.com.

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