CBS Highlights Obamacare ‘Fiasco,’ Insurance Broker Says 9 of 10 Clients Face Price Hikes

by Alec Torres

CBS News featured a report Monday evening detailing the failings of Obamacare, which “go far beyond the government website.”

CBS spoke with Rich Fawn, an insurance broker, who says that he expects nine out of ten of his customers will be paying more for health insurance now. Nobody knows how many people will participate in the Affordable Care Act, he says, and nobody actually has a complete understanding of the law.

With fewer than four carriers in the individual exchange markets of 23 states and D.C., CBS asked why more insurance companies are not entering the exchanges. Fawn replied, “They didn’t want to take the risk” of not knowing how many customers they will have.

Aaron Galvin, one of Fawn’s clients, told CBS that he got a letter from his insurance company telling him to go buy insurance on a website that doesn’t work to purchase coverage he doesn’t want. According to the report, the plan includes “some basic, but required coverage like maternity care he doesn’t need. Galvin and his wife don’t plan on having more babies.”

After detailing the general failures of the law, CBS anchor Scott Pelley returned to those of the website. He noted that “the poor woman who has been the face of the website fiasco has disappeared.” Sympathizing with the woman whose face has been “in most every story on the troubles of the website,” Pelley “noticed today that the ordeal is over.” Replacing her photo is a new page with “suggestions to buy insurance on the phone, in person, or with a paper application, apparently because the site is not a model of efficiency.”

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