Sandy Victim: ‘I Wish Obama Was Gone Tomorrow’ Because He’s Not Helping

by Andrew Johnson

Scott McGrath, a victim of Hurricane Sandy, blasted President Obama for not keeping his promise to help those hurt by the storm. “We’ve got four more years left of him — I wish he was gone tomorrow and out of office because he’s lying,” he said, on the one-year anniversary of the hurricane’s landfall.

In an interview with Fox News, McGrath took particular issue with the president’s vow to remove “red tape” that was preventing aid from reaching impacted areas. He saw the lack of recovery after a full year as inconsistent with President Obama’s repeated claims to help middle-class Americans: ”He’s not helping the middle class — the middle class is stuck,” he said.

He did credit at least one politician’s efforts to help bring aid: Representative Michael Grimm, a Republican from Staten Island.

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