North Carolina Small-Business Owner Loses Policy, Sees Premium Spike of 400 Percent

by Sterling Beard

NBC’s Lisa Myers found a small business owner in North Carolina who lost his old health-insurance policy under Obamacare and has seen his premium rise by 400 percent.

George Schwab, 62, had a policy that covered him and his wife for $228 a month, but it didn’t meet the minimum standards for coverage created under Obamacare. In September, he received a letter informing him that his policy was no longer available.

The comparable plan offered to him by Blue Cross Blue Shield has a $1,208 monthly premium and a $5,500 deductible. His new policy has premiums that cost 400 percent more than his old policy and gives his 59-year-old wife maternity coverage.

“I just wish I could have my insurance back, that’s what I want,” he said.

Via Breitbart.

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