More on ‘Well-Fed’

by Richard Brookhiser

Just as “well-fed” became a swear word, I got a note from the Heritage Foundation asking me to save the date for their Christmas party for New York conservatives. The venue will be, as it has been for the many years I have attended, the Union League Club.

Now the Union League Club does not serve prison fare. A big-deal dinner there is not just good-for-club food, it’s actually pretty good. So how will Heritage cope?

Do they stick with the ULC because New York RINO-cons are too effete to eat anything less? Will they uphold the manly virtues by serving take-out — supplied, perhaps, by the family of Duck Dynasty? But the Duck dynasty lives in Louisiana, the most food-obsessed state in the nation; peasants in Louisiana eat like Heliogabalus. Or is all the “well-fed” talk in-group snark (and atmospherics for fundraising)?

I look forward to seeing all my friends from Heritage around the groaning board. No heart attacks or gout, please — Obamacare won’t cover it and, for some reason, it’s still funded.

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