Maher, Morgan Flabbergasted by Obama’s Health-Care Promises, Website Rollout

by Sterling Beard

Liberal comedian Bill Maher and CNN’s Piers Morgan had some harsh criticisms for President Obama yesterday evening, especially with regards to his promise that people could keep their health care if they liked it.

“He probably should have not been so blatant about [giving an] ironclad guarantee,” Maher said on Morgan’s show, but speculated that the law would not have passed if Obama had told people their rates would rise.

“But when I see the president of the United States say repeatedly, including at the State of the Union, assuring the American people [they can keep their health care] . . .that is a barefaced lie and I say that as somebody that is supportive of Obamacare,” Morgan said.

The pair also expressed frustration with the technical problems that have plagued the federal health exchange.

“Is it really credible that the president, whose massive legacy may be based around this, didn’t know anything about it being problematic?” Morgan asked.

“Not credible and not excusable. I thought he was the detail guy,” Maher said.

However, both still defended the law; Maher asserted that “every program of this size [had] a headache at first,” and Morgan said he’d once been handed an invoice while doped up on morphine after falling from a Segway. Maher said of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius, that “if she really is somebody who should’ve known what she didn’t know, I guess [she should be fired],” but that such a move would likely be “counterproductive.”

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