Does Obama Actually Have Enrollment Numbers?

by Andrew Johnson

President Obama seemed to indicate his administration does know the number of people enrolling in the federal exchanges, despite repeated claims, including from Health and Human Service secretary Kathleen Sebelius earlier in the day, that it does not. During a speech in Boston on Wednesday, he explained that “more people are successfully buying these new plans online than they were a couple of weeks ago.”

As House majority leader Eric Cantor’s office points out, if the president knows this for sure, the White House does have access to the data it’s claiming it does not. “After a speech designed to distract from the misleading statements the President has delivered for four years on the ability of people to keep their current plans, it is time for some transparency,” Cantor said in a statement.

In daily press briefings, Jay Carney has repeatedly told reporters that the White House did not have exact figures because of a number of variables surrounding the health-care law, and therefore would not release the first round of data until mid November.

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