Coolidge Foundation Names Finalists for Journalism Award

by NRO Staff

The Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation has named our very own Rich Lowry a finalist for its Coolidge Prize for Journalism. The prize recognizes “short writing of all kinds in the spirit and style of President Calvin Coolidge.” The full list of finalists:

Terry Anderson, Property and Environment Research Center

Donald Boudreaux, George Mason University 

Steve Brawner, Arkansas News Bureau

Chuck Gray, the Daily Pennsylvanian

Michael Harmon, the Portland Press Herald

Holman Jenkins, the Wall Street Journal

Rich Lowry, National Review 

Eric Singer, Congressional Effect Management

Katherine Bielawa Stamper, Williston Observer 

John Stossel, Fox Business Network

The prize will be awarded Tuesday, November 12, in New York by the 30th president’s great-grandson, Christopher Coolidge Jeter.

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