TSA Agent Killed at LAX, Seven Wounded

by Alec Torres

UPDATE: The police have arrested 23-year-old L.A. resident and U.S. citizen Paul Anthony Ciancia as a suspect.



UPDATE: In a press briefing, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, chief of airport police Patrick Gannon, and others confirmed reports circulating about the shooting and added further details. Seven people have been injured and six have been transported to the hospital. The shooter, who used a rifle, began shooting in the terminal and proceeded through the screening area, until he was stopped and taken into custody by police officers deep into the aiport. The police believe that he was a lone shooter and are conducting sweeps throughout the entire airport.

UPDATE: The suspect is reportedly an off-duty TSA agent and the TSA agent shot has died, according to a CBS news source.



The shooter was reportedly targeting TSA employees, was wearing camoflauge, and was using a rifle.

UPDATE: A suspect has been shot and is now in police custody, according to a CNN report.

UPDATE: Flight operations have been halted at LAX, save for arriving flights.

One Transportation Security Administration employee has been wounded after shots were fired in the Virgin America terminal of Los Angeles International Airport, according to an NBC report.

Many people ran outside on the tarmac for safety.

Federal officials reported that the incident appeared over. It remains unclear how many people were shot.

In 2002, a lone gunman killed two people and wounded three others at a ticket counter before he was shot by an airline security guard. The gunman, an Egyptian National, killed two Israelis and officials ruled it was a terrorist incident though the shooter was never tied to a known terrorist group.

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