WH: We Have ‘Rough Estimate’ of Enrollment Figures, But Won’t Release to Public

by Andrew Johnson

White House press secretary Jay Carney revealed that the administration has “rough” Obamacare enrollment numbers, but that it is waiting to release them to the general public until they’re more reliable.

“If the president wanted an update right now, would someone be able to provide him a number?” asked NBC’s Chuck Todd in Friday’s briefing.

“I suppose somebody could provide a rough estimate, Chuck, but the point is you want to get accurate information when you release it publicly,” Carney responded. He continued to downplay expectations for how high enrollment numbers will be, saying the White House expected all along that the first month’s figures would be low.

Carney’s comments come a day after reports that just six people enrolled on the federal exchanges when the Healthcare.gov website launched last month.

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