Día de Muertos and a Culture of Death

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday currently being marked to honor the dead (one that has gone from Aztec to Disney). On a Spanish-language account, Planned Parenthood tweets: 

— Planned Parenthood (@Latinos4PP) November 1, 2013

And why wouldn’t they, as the abortion provider is a bulwark of a culture of death?  

There are so many layers of denial and justifications. I am reminded of LeRoy Carhart explaining to a Live Action reporter that she will be better for a late-term abortion. Perhaps he might see it a path to sainthood?

A woman who had an abortion — and sought God’s forgiveness for ending the life of her child – may very well be named a saint (the U.S. Catholic bishops have been encouraging it): Dorothy Day. Finding oneself seeking an abortion is a grave and desolate place to be, often the result of pressure and desperation and misery. It’s not for celebrating but, as the pope might put it, weeping. We celebrate those who have lived good lives. And we ask mercy for our contributions to the needless deaths of innocent. 

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