Touré Lectures El Al Security Expert about ‘Illusion of Security,’ ‘Multi-racial Societies’

by Andrew Johnson

Advice from the former security director of El Al, Israel’s national airline, considered the safest in the world, was not well received from The Cycle’s panel, who argued that his suggestions would not be applicable to the United States. “Shame on us — this is the security we have in this country,” Isaac Yeffet said in the aftermath of the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.

“Many times I was screaming that we don’t have security in this country in our airports,” he added.

Co-host Touré argued that Yeffet’s suggestion of training personnel to identify potential risks sounded too much like profiling. “I know in Israel that might be easier than in a multi-racial country like America,” he said. Yeffet, who brought his security expertise from a country that’s 20 percent Arab, never mentioned race, and countered that an individual’s behavior would be the indicator of potential danger.

“We don’t have security, we live with the illusion that we have security,” Yeffet said. “Don’t be nice — we are dealing with life.”

Via Mediaite.