Revisiting the ‘Great Achievements of Liberalism’ . . . or Is It the ‘Ponzi Scheme’?

by Andrew C. McCarthy

In a post at his PJMedia blog on Monday, the historian Ron Radosh objected to my column here at NRO last weekend, which took the occasion of Charles Krauthammer’s appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to revisit the theme of mainstream Republican acceptance of the welfare state – a theme I’ve been hitting for a couple of weeks, but which Ron nevertheless managed to mangle into “McCarthy says no mainstream Republican accepts” the “centralized welfare state.”

In any event, I responded at PJM yesterday to the hash Radosh made of my critique of the Krauthammer-Stewart dialogue. That response is here.

My column here at NRO this weekend, “The Social Security Fable,” responds to Ron’s contention that the program was really intended to be insurance, not “welfare.” As I note in the column, this “parrots a Roosevelt-administration fairy tale that even its authors abandoned three-quarters of a century ago when forced to justify the program in Supreme Court litigation.”

The weekend column is here.

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